Covid 19 Relief Work 2020

Samaj Seva Bharati Paschimbanga is a voluntary organization which has been working on education, health and self dependence (sewing training, beautician course, mehndi training, yoga training and other self-help projects in districts of Bengal) for the last 18 years. The kind of service is helping the rural people as well as urban people of the Country. Due to the second wave of corona virus (Covid-19), public life in Bengal is almost stagnant. Bengal has been severely damaged in this disaster. In this situation, our priority is to provide necessary assistance to the families living in West Bengal. SSBPB, with the help of people, has been delivering food, clothing, beverages and medicines to people in remote areas of Bengal. Besides the Seva services, Covid Care Center, Isolation Center, Oxygen Support Center, Sramik Seva Kendra, Ayurvedic Kara Distribution, Cremation Service etc. are being provided all over Bengal including Kolkata to stand by the victims of Covid.


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