Yaas Cyclone on May 2021

As a result of natural calamity of Yaas cyclone on 26th May 2021, more than 20 people lost their life and many more were missing. Thousands of people are homeless till now, many of them have lost their earning members and their homes have been completely ruined. In addition, many are living a life of starvation under the open sky. About 1.5 billion people in 5,000 villages in six districts of West Bengal have been affected by Cyclone Yaas. In this situation, as a civilized citizen of the country, we all need to stand by them. They currently need help for rehabilitation on an emergency basis. Samaj Seva Bharati Paschimbanga has taken this initiative for their rehabilitation.

In the last few days, the members of SSBPB have been able to do following services. (1) Helpline Center-6 (2) Distribution of dry food packets-36,500 (3) Distribution of prepared food to the needy-1,53,161 persons (4) Distribution of bleaching powder-5,250 kg (5) Tarpaulin distribution – 2,790 (6) Gomata Seva( Food)-360 (6) Health Awareness and Medical Center-6 (6) Assistance in construction of dilapidated houses- 20 (9) Medicine distribution-460 person etc.

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