Training / Skill Development Activities

To providing required skills for doing the job effectively, skillfully and qualitatively.

Self Awareness Activities

To create public awareness about social problems.Apart from these,many other efforts are made through Sewa jagaran.

Education Activities

We are committed to taking education initiatives and activities forward to reach out to marginalized people.

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About Us

About To Samaj Seva Bharati Paschimbanga

Samaj Seva Bharati Paschimbanga is a voluntary organization which has been carrying out relentlessly various services for the last 19 years in the fields of education, health and self reliance (Sewing training, Beautician course, Mehndi training, Yoga training and other self reliance projects in different Districts of Bengal). Standing by the side of the people of the society in times of danger and misfortune, Samaj Seva Bharati provides various kinds of help to the needy people.

Evil people have been misleading the society by taking advantage of the financial weakness of billions of neglected, deprived and exploited people of the country.To save this misguided society we need endless willpower, unity, equality and love and affection for all. The service of God through the service of life

Swami Vivekananda


Our main goal

Serve the nation

Overall Socio – Economic Development of underprivileged section of the society by providing Education, health, women empowerment, social and economic development .

Strategic vision

We are committed to create strong and independent society without inequalities and discrimination, and where everybody enjoys equal opportunities.Building India with strong education and economic base and Giving a Platform to Causes to Promote the Spirit of Unity.

Strategic Mission

To Foster Democratic & Equitable Living Environment, Where all Vulnerable people specially underprivileged, women and Children have to access to Education, Health, Sustainable Livelihood opportunity and essential infrastructure services irrespective of their economic and social status.

Why Choose Us

For Equal Growth Opportunities

We are non-profit, would live in a world of equality, where everyone is happy, enjoys good health, has equal growth opportunities and lives in balance with nature. In the event of any disaster, Seva will be called in and be among the first to serve.

Expert People Matter

We Have Energatic Team For Organization

Ripan Das


Jitendra Pandey



We are Very Glad to Know Our

We work throughout Paschimbanga and more than 12 affiliated organizations in the field of Education, Health, self reliance, and other social activities

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Feel Free to Contact us for Any Consult Reason

SSB works with various NGO's to support their different initiatives. Any NGO interested to work with us are requested to register with us.

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