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About Samaj Seva Bharati Paschimbanga

Serves humanity in distress, aids local communities, and promotes volunteerism.

Samaj Seva Bharati Paschimbanga is a voluntary organization which has been carrying out relentlessly various services for the last 20 years in the fields of education, health and self reliance (Sewing training, Beautician course, Mehndi training, Yoga training and other self reliance projects in different Districts of Bengal). Standing by the side of the people of the society in times of danger and misfortune, Samaj Seva Bharati provides various kinds of help to the needy people.

Samaj Seva Bharati, established in 2002, is an accredited non-governmental organization which has been devoted to various types of social activities in Bengal mainly in the field of education, health, women empowerment, social and economic development for the underprivileged section of the society.

As part of the Rastriya Seva Bharati headquartered in Delhi, which runs nearly 200,000 projects in different parts of the country, the West Bengal unit is tirelessly and selflessly striving to make a difference in the quality of life of the poor and needy villagers of the state. The organization is inspired by message of selfless services of Swami Vivekananda and remains motivated by the lofty ideals of nation building.


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