Education, culture, and values are the main pillars for the development of any country and to empower the young mind to work for the betterment of the society and nation and this has to be reached to the last standing person. Inspired by the vision of Swami Vivekananda “ideal of all education, all training should be man-making”. Samaj Seva Bharati Paschimbanga is committed to providing ideal education with the culture and values of our great nation in the most remote villages and slum areas.


We believe “Healthy people make a healthy nation”, We know that India is the mother of all medical sciences from Ayurveda to Surgery, the land which has given birth to the great scientist in this field like Patanjali, Susutra, Charak. Samaj Seva Bharati has taken a small step in keeping alive the work of those legends, by establishing yoga Kendra, Ayurveda Kendra, homeopathy centres, aroygamitra, and many more throughout West Bengal. Education, culture, and values are the main pillars for the development of any

Self Reliance

Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of the economic growth and social development of a country. Samaj Seva Bharati Paschimbanga is working tirelessly to address the issue of Social development with their representative organisation and currently running many projects throughout West Bengal in the field of Self Reliance and many more.

Social Work (Samajik)

People make society and Societies make a nation. Thus, it becomes the responsibility of every person to care, support, and think about society when she needs it. Samaj Seva Bharati Paschimbanga is dedicated to serve the society and nation in each and every adverse situation, call it a natural disaster or pandemic, we always reach first to the affected people with our volunteers and representative organisations, sewa Bharati. Samaj Seva Bharati also runs many projects for social causes such as mass weddings, orphanages, Bhajan Mandali, cremation support centers, creche, and more.